Git management

The background colour represents the git status

  • green = no changes
  • yellow = changes detected
  • red = untracked files

The chess figure represents the branch you are. Git flow is also supported.

  • ♔ = king = master
  • ♙ = pawn = development
  • ♘ = knight = feature
  • ♗ = bishop = hotfix
  • ☂ = umbrella = other

Ohter signs

  • Arrows “⇡⇣” and number behind represent how many commits you are behind/ahead of the remote
  • Display “+” symbol when current branch is changed but uncommited
  • Display current git branch name, or short SHA1 hash when the head is detached


  • Platform-dependent prompt symbol for macOS and Linux
  • No need for patched fonts Remote

Additional information

You are able to add informations to you prompt by setting following environment variables.

  1. PS_INFO: (string) e.g. dev/stage/prod.
  2. PS_INFO_BRAND: (string) e.g. info/success/warning/danger

Set this variables in your .bashrc (Linux) ord src/profile (macOS) file like so:

export PS_INFO="stage"
export PS_INFO_BRAND="warning"


On macOS and Linux, you have the option to send notifications from the console. However, the commands are different for this purpose. bashlight provides you a unified interface. You can play sounds, open the message window and use the voice output.

Play sounds

blPlay Submarine

Say something

blSay "OK Computer. I just understand train station."

Notification messages

alert "This is the title" "... and this is the content"


Contains configurations for …

  1. Git global config
    • Shortcuts for all commands
    • Enhanced git history with colours with git sl
    • Colours Which harmonize with the colors used as background
    • Branch setting
  • Bash aliases (shortcuts)
    • directory
      • ll, la, l
      • cd .. = .. < … < ….

Git global configuration

It also include a shell script to set common global bash settings. Before you run the file, take a look in the file. The setting included are tailored to bashlight.